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Eating Strategies for Parties

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You’ve been working on eating healthier and its going great!  But now you are going to a party, don’t be nervous, you can make it through the night without wrecking all of your hard work.   

Here’s a tip: Eat smaller low-calorie meals on the day of the party. Do not skip a meal. It could make you overeat later. Grab a small healthy snack on your way out to boost your self-control.

When you get to that buffet, take a lap first to plan your plate. Plan to make half your plate veggies and salads, but don’t deny yourself!  Go ahead and plan for those few unhealthy items that you can’t resist—but in moderation!

Watching your portions is key. Give yourself enough to enjoy each dish but not much more.  Pick up a smaller plate to keep yourself in check. Snack smart and you’ll go home guilt-free.

Party Tips:

  • Eat small meals during the day
  • Don’t skip a meal
  • Grab a snack before you go
  • Fill half your plate with veggies & salads
  • Don’t forget about moderation!
  • Get just enough to enjoy
  • Use a small plate