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My name is Randy, and I’m in sales, and I have heart disease. I grew up in a family that was pretty athletic, so working out or playing sports was kind of always part of our lifestyle. I played college sports and after that I just continued to, you know, play basketball and golf and run.


My father had a quadruple bypass at age 69. My cholesterol is never over 200, it was more of a hereditary thing. I was having regular checkups probably once a year. There was new technology out there about a heart scan and I think it was more to do with, “Hey, I’m going to be 50, I just want to check this out.” When I did a heart scan my calcification score was really high, and they said, “You might have a problem here.” So that led to more checking and then they told me, “Hey, you do have a problem and you need to have surgery.” So originally I was set up, they just said, “Hey, you’re blocked in three areas.” But once they got in there they --- found four.


I thought I had, you know, good healthy lifestyle as far as food growing up. It’s been nine years since my surgery and I haven’t really made any drastic changes. I still eat meat but I concentrate more on vegetables. I would say the food that I have eliminated, but occasionally will cheat, would be French fries.


I currently try and work out four times a week. In the summer I do a lot of outdoor biking. I’ve done two triathlons since my surgery, and then I’ve done one road race a year. I do enjoy being with my nieces and nephews. They’re still at that age where they can, you know, learn sports. I’d love to teach them golf.


I never really thought my job as being stressful. People always tease me about,  “Hey, you’re in sales and you’re playing golf all the time.” I never really thought I pushed it too hard as far as working and traveling but, you know, looking back, you know, maybe I did. Before I had this surgery I might take one week a year for vacation, and since that time I’ve tried to take a little more time off.


I plan on living a healthy life, a good lifestyle. My parents are both still living and they’re in their 80s, and they both still work out. And so I look at that and I’m going, “That’s great.” I mean they’re still chasing grandkids. I enjoy, you know, my family, and I want to be around to watch those kids grow up, and hopefully be a part of their lives.