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Fend Off The Flu

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Video Transcript – Fend Off the Flu  

(Dr. Taz) Sick and tired of being sick and tired every flu season?  Let’s fend off the flu.

How do we even catch the flu?  It’s spread by droplets when people sneeze, cough, or even talk.  Here’s the gross part…  If those droplets land in your mouth and nose, that may be all it takes.   You might think you’re keeping a safe distance, but keep in mind that droplets can spread 6 feet away!

Pay attention to your hands.  Touching something with the flu virus on it, and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth afterwards can also spread the virus.

We don’t want to make you too paranoid… but you may be able to spread the virus even before symptoms even show up. So, preventative actions are always important.  

Getting a flu vaccination is the best way to prevent catching the flu.  But good health habits are also important. Wash your hands frequently and try to steer clear of physical contact with sick people.  And if you are sick, be a good friend and stay away from contact to keep others healthy.