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Two Minute Meditation

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ON SCREEN TEXT: Adam Michael Brewer, Wellness Coach


Your day has gone from bad to worse and you’re ready to fight the copy machine. Slow down, use a simple breathing meditation to manage your stress.

Shut the door to your office, if you don’t have one, find an empty meeting room or even your car.

ON SCREEN TEXT: an alarm will keep you from checking the clock

Take a seat with your back straight but not stiff, you want to be at attention, without tension. Set an alarm for 2 minutes so you don’t lose track of time.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Mindful meditation, even breathing, takes some practice

Place your hands on your lap or wherever is comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe normally.

Clear your mind by focusing on each breath. Your thoughts will wander, but that’s ok, you’re not in a focusing contest. Acknowledge your thoughts and bring your focus back to breathing.

Just 2 minutes may significantly improve your mood and the way you respond to stressful situations.  Don’t be afraid to push your meditation longer and longer as your focus improves.