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Understanding Fats in Your Diet

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When people talk about eating healthy, fat often seems to be public enemy number one.  But not all fats are created equal.  Give some fats a fat chance!

The fats you need to keep an eye on are trans fats and saturated fats.  Make major sources of these fats occasional choices, not every day.  A good rule for healthy individuals is to consume less than 10% of your calories from saturated fats.

(GFX) “The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 recommend consuming less than 10% of your calories from saturated fats.”

But substituting in unsaturated fats in moderation is associated with low cholesterol levels and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.  These fats are found in nuts, vegetable oils, and fish.

You don’t have to completely ditch your recipe book, just swap in some good fats.  Instead of cooking with meat fat or butter, try olive and canola oil.  Choose lean cuts of meat, and trim off the fat.  Remove the skin from chicken and other poultry before cooking.  Look for low fat or fat free milk and cheeses.

Make fat work for you!