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Infertility, Deciding to Move Beyond Treatment

Moving away from fertility treatment and considering  adoption or living child-free may be a difficult decision to make.


Making the decision to seek fertility treatment and the process involved along that journey may take an emotional and financial toll. It is not surprising that some couples who experience unsuccessful treatments make the difficult decision to move on and pursue different options. Each unsuccessful try is an emotional experience for both partners. It may cause difficulties in the marriage or relationship if the decision to end further treatment is not a mutual decision.


Deciding to adopt a child can be an exciting step toward becoming a parent. As part of this process, you may want to build a strong adoption team and support group of helpful family and close friends who know of your desire to have a child. This may help you through the process. This team of professionals may include an adoption consultant, adoption attorney and adoption agency.

Learn more about the adoption process by checking out the adoption resources  like those found on Resolve.org.* Or go to Resolve’s event calendar for a schedule of adoption programs in your area. Be prepared for the financial outlay of expenses, since you may be required to pay for many of the adoption agency’s requirements (psychological evaluation, transportation physical exam to determine your physical health to raise a child, etc.). Make sure the decision to adopt a child is one that is mutually made between you and your spouse or partner.


Choosing to live child-free can open up your life to many rewarding paths. Other former infertility patients have reported a new type of fulfillment from being able to reconnect with friends, pursuing new interests and passions. Some couples find fulfillment by directing their energy to meaningful opportunities that nurture their maternal or paternal instincts.

To talk to a RESOLVE* volunteer who has personal experience living child-free, call the RESOLVE HelpLine at 1-866-NOT-ALONE  (1-866-668-2566) and press extension 4.

Connect with others for support

To connect with other people who have decided to forgo infertility treatment, you might want to visit resolve.org and check out their support groups.

Making the decision to stop treatment may be challenging, but it can also make room for new dreams and goals. Whether you’ve decided to adopt a child or live child-free, you have new experiences to look forward to.

*The National Infertility Association.
UnitedHealthcare does not endorse nor guarantee adoption services through the RESOLVE program.

By Kristin Nelson, Contributing Writer


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Last Updated: June 8, 2017