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Our Centers of Excellence: Quality Care You Can Count On

Access top fertility specialists and treatment facilities that meet or exceed best-practice criteria and can be found at Fertility Solutions Centers of Excellence.


As part of the Fertility Solutions program, an experienced fertility nurse can offer education and guidance to quality providers through our Centers of Excellence (COE). This quality designation identifies top fertility specialists and treatment facilities that meet or exceed these best-practices criteria including:

  • Follow evidence-based practices
  • Aligned with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s practice guidelines
  • Meet key measures that include high pregnancy rates and low multiple birth rates

Expert Care is Our Priority

In efforts to consistently find quality providers for you; we evaluate data on U.S. fertility providers annually to determine if they meet best practice and quality standards. We not only define quality by a provider’s treatment success and high birth rates, but also by additional factors that impact you and your baby.

Connect With a Nurse

A program nurse can walk you through treatment options including fertility centers and providers through our Centers of Excellence. If you’ve already started treatment with a fertility specialist who is not in the Centers of Excellence, talk with a program nurse about exploring your options. If there isn’t a Centers of Excellence in your area, we can help you find other quality network providers.

By Kristin Nelson, Contributing Writer

Last Updated: May, 8, 2020